An Italian magazine for slow food and slow living lovers: those that drink good wine, have friends around and smile while they cook.

Italian magazine for slow food lovers

soon: the Lecce issue

an Italian magazine made in Italy

The Gourmet Mag is an Italian cooking and living magazine, made in Rome, by me!

It explores authentic and traditional Italian recipes, a bit of modern cuisine, Italy’s food culture, people, places and seasonal fun.

In every issue, you get an actual Italian cookbook with Italian dishes for you to explore and enjoy seasonal produce and cooking methods. By introducing you to Southern, Central and Northern Italian food, it gives you a glimpse of the immense world of ingredients, traditions and the essentials of classic Italian cooking.

You’ll find both everyday recipes and special, gourmet dishes for your gatherings and celebrations.

You can relax with simple and easy recipes, or challenge yourself into two days leavening breads (hello rainy weekends!).

Servings are for two people, to be duplicated as desired.
Measures are in gr, cups and oz.

Next to delicious recipes you’ll enjoy a journey through Italian traditions, lifestyle, places, and culture. You’ll uncover Italians’ way of living, sayings about food and life, consuetudes and customs. It will be like entering an Italian home and having someone explain you step by step all that’s going on :-).

a note from Rome

Now that I am publishing my own foodie Italian magazine I realize long time has passed since my brother and I put mayo and ketchup on our spaghetti… Under the scandalized look of our Italian grandparents, who would label us like little Venezuelan savages, unable to capture the art of Italian cuisine. {But let me say they didn’t capture Venezuela’s adventurous spirit either, just to be fair}

Everyone had made an effort. Everytime they’d come for a visit, nonna and nonno would pack their suitcases with the finest chocolates, pasta, anchovies, olives, etc. Our parents had instituted homemade gnocchi or pasta nights and made us part of the process. My mother had learned everything she could from my Sicilian grandmother’s kitchen. And we did love the Italic food culture… really.

But there was something we missed, something we didn’t understand…

the other issues

Modena issue of the gourmet mag an Italian magazine

The Modenag Issue

Winter 2019

Italian magazine for slow food lovers

The Christmas & Fall Issue

Fall 2018

living in Rome

Then, the time to redeem our palate came, time to experience authentic Italian cuisine, in loco.

We packed, we learned the basic vocabulary (fame, mangiare, buono), and we settled in Rome. A city where everything would’ve been an adventure, where we would forever be half and half (mango-lovers and pasta-devourers). Where we would be eternal newbies, with the excitement and the sensibility that comes with it.

And we finally understood what we hadn’t captured until then: Italian cuisine is not a technique or a few recipes: Italian food is the center of Italian culture. You’ll understand Italy when you understand Italian food, and you’ll understand food when you’ll interiorize the lifestyle.

The Southern Summer Issue

Summer 2018

The Italian Spring Issue

Spring 2018

The Yellow Issue

Winter 2018

how to cook real Italian cuisine

After 30+ years of cooking Italian and living in Italy I can list you a few fundamentals of Italian cuisine, (the ones my food magazine is based on):


  • Cook only if and when you want to (if not, make a caprese salad :-)).
  • Take your time: for evaluating and selecting ingredients, for cooking, for setting the table, for letting red wine decant, for deeply savoring the food…
  • Listen to your suppliers (butcher, greengrocer, fish market boy…), they’re an inexhaustible source of knowledge and inspiration.
  • Always opt for fresh and seasonal ingredients.
  • Enhance the flavor of every single ingredient: don’t let one overcome the other.
  • Use a lot of herbs, spices, onion and garlic, but remember: they’re supporting actors, not the main character.
  • Use only good quality wine for cooking: it matters.
  • Cultivate your palate: keep it trained by periodically tasting new flavors or combos, and be aware that only when you are used to quality, you are able to distinguish good from bad food.

gourmet mag tomato issue summer

The Tomato Issue

Summer 2017

The Floral Issue

Spring 2017

The Vintage Gold Issue

Winter 2017

The Marble White Issue

Fall 2016

The Beige Issue

Summer 2016

The Vintage Pink Issue

Spring 2016

The Blue Issue

Winter 2016

they liked it:

…mi sono immersa nel mag, è bellissimo! (I plunge in the mag, it’s gourgeous!) – Emiko Davies, food blogger

…bellissima rivista Claudia!!! (wonderful magazine Claudia!!!) – Enrico Cerea, 3 Michelin star chef

lovely clients:

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what you’ll get from this Italian magazine

This is an Italian magazine in English, for Italian food lovers from all over the world. That’s why measures are both in grams and oz (and/or cups when possible). Serving sizes are for two (when possible), this way anyone can choose to cook for two or duplicate ingredients and call a few friends.

In each issue you’ll get to know:

  • How to embrace and conquer Italian Food culture.
  • Simple ways to add quality to your homemade experiences.
  • How to make your cooking gourmet.
  • The secrets to capture the essence of Italian healthy eating.
  • How to slow down and enjoy beauty, elegance, and style.


enjoy your Italian magazine!