This Rome travel cookbook wants you to fully experience the city’s food and recipes. To do so, it is important to know a bit about the background. The magic of its endless heritage, the mixed cultures that contributed to its grandiosity, and the deep-rooted personality of its people.

Cooking Rome recipes is like adding these ingredients to your dishes. A tad of Ancient Rome, a pinch of baroque, a spoonful of Renaissance. This travel cookbook aims to bring to your kitchen the myths, legends, and history that permeates Rome and its cuisine. 

Rome travel cookbook
Rome travel cookbook as a gift


Rome is the more enchanting city in the world and one with the best Italian food. It is not just a vacation destination but a way of life: beauty reigns and flavors sit by her side.

It deserves more than organized info, a map, and a “must-see” places list. It deserves more than an ingredient list followed by instructions. It deserves an experiential cookbook.

This is not a regular Rome cookbook, and neither is a travel guide book. It is a treasure chest. Open it and let it inundate your eyes, conquer your spirit, and make you believe in things you never thought possible.


With this cookbook dedicated to Rome, you’ll pamper yourself with beautiful pictures, meet mythologic creatures, and follow the steps of legendary personages. 

You will cook recipes from the Ancient Rome days and traditional and rustic dishes of the present. All in great company. Recipes, travel (although through the pages of a book), and culture are the perfect ingredients to enjoy Italy deeply and mindfully.

a Rome slow travel cookbook

also available at the Capitolini Museum Bookshop

Rome travel cookbook from Italy

In Rome’s Simposio, you’ll find:

06 Welcome To Rome

08 A Bucket List

12 Rome

14 The Beginning

18 Not in a day

26 Women

28 Vestale

32 Convivio

36 Gladiatore

40 Mercati Di Traiano

42 Adriano

48 Roma

52 Giulio

54 La Pimpaccia

58 Barcaccia

60 Trevi

62 Eating On A Triclinium

64 Apicio

66 Flavored Wine

68 Epiterium

70 Aliter Patina

72 Farro Bowl

74 Chicken Roll

78 Nutty Dates

80 Lost Gods and Creatures

82 Quirino

84 Fauno and Fauna

86 Carmenta

88 Poppea’s Face Treatment

    92 Venere

    94 Apollo

    98 Allorino

    100 Diana

    102 Triangle

    104 Cerere

    106 Bacco

    108 Ciambelline Al Vino

    112 Traditional Recipes

    114 Eating In Rome

    116 Mozzarella Crostini

    120 Gricia

    124 Zucchini Carbonara

    128 Chickpea Soup

    132 Semolina Gnocchi

    136 Pasta E Patate

    140 Cicoria Strascinata

    142 Saltimbocca

    144 Ossobuco

    148 Ricotta Crostata

    152 Maritozzi

    156 Saturnalia

ready for dreamy Rome?

Snuggle on the sofa, pour yourself a glass of red wine, light a scented candle, and put on soft music: your Roman adventure is about to begin!