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Italian food blog, newsletter and books

Start here your Italian Project.

Italian cuisine is not just food and recipes, it’s a lifestyle.

You landed on Gourmet Project because a higher power (google, a friend, Pinterest, Facebook?) brought you here, assuming you might be an Italian food passionate

A seeker of pleasure, slow living and, probably, wine.

Just like me.

To fulfill your destiny, please note this:

You’ll have to change the way you see your kitchen, grocery shopping, and everyday life.

Italian cooking is about time and dedication.

Italian recipes are about celebrating flavors, about choosing the best damn tomato, about refining your palate.

You don’t need it in your DNA, and you don’t need to live in Italy.

But you need a guide.

And yes, that’s me.

Italian food blogger

If you want to cook like an Italian (and I can understand why), then cook like an Italian!

Italian cooking ingredients

Be THAT person:

The one that pleasantly sits on the porch at sunset, sipping from a glass of excellent red wine

…while the salsa al pomodoro is simmering on the stovetop.

The one that enjoys the waiting

(probably nibbling from a charcuterie board).

The one that picks the best leaves from the basil plant, inhales the aroma

…and delicately lays them next to a nest of homemade pasta.

The one that welcomes a few friends for dinner, to share his/her latest find:

an Italian aged goat cheese, to be paired with that exquisite Barolo

 …that should have decanted perfectly by now.

how to let your inner Italian out

To become the person you are supposed to be, let me propose a sample path, a starting point for your journey. You can take a step at a time, skip something, do it all together, fully immerse yourself in Gourmet Project’s world, or take a bite at the time, when you want to, or have time for it!

Italian blog

First step: an Italian food and culture blog to introduce you to Italy’s food culture

Explore the blog: familiarize!

My recipes are seasonal, mostly from scratch, and mostly slow food.

Some are authentic, some are traditional, some are the result of modern Italian cuisine…

(read: a lot of olive oil)

Feel free to explore recipes from every category.

Then, read some of my stories in the Life in Italy category. It’s where I share and try to explain the essence of Italy from a local’s point of view.

Second step: from the blog to the books 

Get your Simposio books: explore more, go deeper.

Simposio is my series of indie publications. On each, you’ll discover something new about Italy: a region, a city, a festivity, a tradition.

Italy’s cultural heritage is infinite and charming, a never-ending journey through ingredients, recipes, landscapes, and people.

Plus, the photos are gorgeous: a reportage of real life in Italy, the nice part.

Italian blog

Third step: a newsletter to keep you in the loop

Keep yourself updated! Sign up for the Italian Colors newsletter: weekly emails with foodie finds, daily life stories, tips, and juicy stuff.

A little taste of Italy to make you feel like you were always here, enjoying your Italianity. Plus, you get a free sample of Simposio if you subscribe (and after that, because you’re part of the family).

Italian blog

Fourth step: do!

Put on your apron and pour the wine. It’s time to make something: you have authentic recipes, seasonal inspiration from the book series, and short stories from the weekly newsletter.

You are spoiled for choice.

If you start your journey, in whatever order you decide to, you’ll soon find yourself cooking delicious meals, enjoying your homemade dishes and happily dancing around the kitchen! Promised!

about me:

I’m Claudia, an Italian-Venezuelan cooking, eating and dancing in Rome. In love with veggies, suitcases, airports, hats, Christmas & books.

My Italian father decided to move back to Italy when I was 8 years old. After a few decades, my foodie carrier began.

Following ten years in Human Resources, I decided it was time for a change. So I pursued my passions. I created an Italian food blog, Gourmet Project, to write down all I knew about Italian food and cuisine, and most of all, everything I was learning, constantly, on the way.

After a while, I decided it was time to go a little deeper and give my readers something more. Something they could literally take home, handle, and keep in their kitchen for consultation and inspiration, so I published a book slash cookbook series about Italy: Simposio.

I’m a person in constant search of learning new things, observing the world, and documenting what I find. So most of the time, you’ll see me taking a picture and noting down what I saw, read, or heard. 

My sources are the people I meet (from the greengrocer to the butcher, from the restaurateur to a friend, or a friend of a friend, or a friend’s mom, nonna or nonno), the books I read, the places I go, the things I remember from the past, and the things that happen in the present.

Italian food blog

want to connect?

send me an email: info{at}gourmetproject.net

That’s it, benvenuti in Italia!