Italian gifts made in Italy: “regali” for your family and friends who are in love with my country.

Here is an Amazon list of Italian Christmas – and all year – gifts ideas.

Hello Italian lovers, or friends of Italian lovers!
It is that time of the year: the time you have a list, a budget, but not enough ideas to make the ones you love really happy. I can help with the Italic part, with a few ideas and some Italian gifts made in Italy that I’ve been putting together in the past few months.

I’ll update the list* any time I find and test something worth becoming a Christmas gift for an Italian fan. So, save the page somewhere!


*The links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you purchase one of the products, I get a little something (sometimes I reach buying a book a month!). Not enough to make me add stuff I don’t like or haven’t somehow experienced.


For now, this: the Romano in Fiera, the Romann version of Mercante In Fiera!


Anything from the ancient Florentine Officina Profumo Santa Maria Novella. My favorite Eau de cologne is Muschio. My adoptive Italian nonna loves Rosa Gardenia!

cologne from florence


I love them, THE Italian tennis shoes:

shoes from Italy

Italian specialty gifts

If your friends are gourmands, if they love good food just like they love life, then you’ll probably get an invitation to their place. To a tasting night: a special date to savor together one of these Italian specialties they found under the tree.

truffle love

Have you ever tried popcorn seasoned with (real) truffled oil? It is so good I have no idea how to convince you about it. If your friends are so refined to love “tartufi”, truffle mushrooms, they’re worth these gifts from a northern Italy tried-in-my-kitchen brand.

from the city of ceramics

Grottaglie, Puglia, is the city of ceramics. Cocci D’Autore, literally auteur shards, make old-style, locally traditional pieces that you’ll love to gift to anyone in love with Puglia. They deliver overseas but speak little English. But I can help. Visit their Instagram profile, find your piece, and let me know if you need my intervention in communicating!

Don’t miss the beautiful Christmas trees!

italian cooking gifts

These are the basics of an Italian food lover: the coffee maker, the pestle and mortar to make pesto, and the pasta roller. If you have all three of them, you can say around you’re Italian!

italian food baskets

These are Italian food baskets I selected based on my knowledge of the ingredients and brands in them. I love gourmet baskets, don’t you?

a wine club

I’ve been to a few of their wine-tasting events. Roscioli’s food is good-ish, nothing special, but their wines are simply sublime. You can subscribe to wine with them. Yes, get carefully selected Italian wines to your front door. No big names, but small producers. A way to preserve the territory’s authenticity and old-world values.

make your house smell good

A home perfume from everywhere in Italy: Sicily’s intense flavors, Capri’s embracing aromas, and Florence’s sophisticated blends.

Italian authors

Some are contemporary and some are classic Italian authors. It’s hard to say which one is better than the others. Read the plots and chose the one you know your friend will devour in a couple of days.

Italian cookbooks

These cookbooks are written by Italians or people that actually live here. The only ones worth your money and your friend’s culinary efforts. Sorry, that’s a fact.

an Italian travel gift

Sitting on a couch, sipping a tea or a hot chocolate, soft music on, and a scented candle gentling the air. That’s a way to visit and experience Italy: couch traveling. Give your friends a Simposio travel cookbook, or a yearly subscription, it’s QUITE like giving them an airplane ticket.

Italian gifts made in Italy | a unique list of Italian Christmas gifts ideas
Italian gifts made in Italy: "regali" for your family and friends who are in love with Italy. Here is my list of Amazon Italian Christmas gifts ideas.

books about Rome

If your friends love Rome, they’ll bless the possibility of going back, again and again, to capture just another tiny detail, to see how light changes things, to meet more people and hear their stories.

Enjoy giving your Italian gifts from italy!