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authentic italian recipes

These are my authentic Italian recipes, old-world recipes inherited, learned by traveling and eating around Italy, or simply researched through books, magazines, and the web. 

They are a good starting point for you to learn the secrets of traditional Italian food and the cooking methods and style only a local can teach you.

The main principles of authentic Italian recipes are: 

  • the seasonality of the ingredients – when they are at their peak in flavor and full of nutrients and cheap, as a bonus!
  • the slow cooking – which doesn’t always mean long cooking hours, but the appropriate time, the peaceful attitude, and taking time to grocery shop, handle the ingredients with love, and set the table; 
  • and sharing by gathering the ones you love around a table – a time to enjoy food, chat, sometimes fight, and smile!

If you are looking for a specific recipe, try searching for it here.

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