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The Red & Orange Simposio is an Italian Fall cookbook. Join us in exploring Rome’s Christmas and the Italian fall culture through recipes, desserts, stories, traditions, and the local folklore. Give your festive lunches, dinners, and snacks an authentic Italian touch!

This cookbook is filled with love, food, and coziness.

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The Red and Orange Simposio is a fall and Christmas cookbook dedicated to Rome’s most intimate essence. Without leaving other parts of Italy and their seasonal folklore out!
In this travel cookbook, you’ll find regional and traditional recipes for lunch, dinner, dessert, secret places in Rome, and dreamy pictures. Plus, Roman pasta dishes, a Roman poet, cookies, chestnuts, and pomegranates.

an Italian Fall slow travel cookbook


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Ready to explore Rome like a local? The Red & Orange Simposio will be your guide, host you for dinner, make you dessert, and dedicate you a poem!

Made in Italy, printed locally!



06 Welcome

08 An Italian Bucket List

10 Villa Farnesina

20 Arance

22 Antipasto Molisano

24 Spinach And Orange Salad

26 Pepatelli Biscotti

28 Orange Cream

30 Pasta And Poems

34 Cacio E Pepe

38 Carbonara

42 Chickpeas And Pasta

46 Pasta Alla Zozzona

48 Festa dei Morti

50 Fave dei Morti

54 Ossi dei Morti

58 Piada dei Morti

62 Papassini

64 A Cookie Board

66 Castagne

68 Tuscan Castagnaccio

72 Chestnut Cake

74 Chestnut Trofie Pasta

76 San Martino

78 Prosciutto Cotto Mousse

80 Salvia Fritta

82 Saffron Honey

84 A Fall Tablescape

86 Melograno

88 Pomegranate Risotto

90 Tintoretto Cocktail

92 Grano Dei Morti Or Colva

94 Natale A Roma

100 Stracciatella Soup

102 Gift Wrapping

106 Lesso Alla Picchiapò

108 The Befana Stocking

112 Pangiallo

114 Christmas Goodies

116 Sicilian Almond Cookies

118 Zabaione

120 Christmas Games

122 Brutti Ma Buoni

124 Nutella Torrone

126 Chocolate Salami

130 Christmas Trees

132 Nutellino Liquor

134 Chocolate Vin Brule’

136 Baci di Dama

138 Loti Or Cachi

140 Persimmon Crumble

142 Persimmon Jam

144 Champagne Persimmons

    Recipes from the Red And Orange Simposio cookbook:

      castagnaccio recipe

      a Tuscan delight for Fall celebrations

      authentic cacio e pepe recipe

      Authentic cacio e pepe recipe for Roman food lovers.

      Boil the water for a comforting tea or heat the milk for a foamy cappuccino; put on your favorite playlist, and sink into the sofa. Your cozy Italian moment of pleasure is about to begin!