Authentic Italian bread recipes

Here’s my collection of authentic Italian bread recipes.

You’ll find simple bread, like the rustic and crusty bread recipe, flatbread recipes like the piadina romagnola, and seasonal bread like the sweet Italian Easter buns from Tuscany: pan di ramerino.

There’s also something we Romans consider bread: pizza bianca.

Making bread at home is healing, believe me. 

Italians don’t knead and bake all the time: they usually get fresh bread from the local bakery every two or three days, but sometimes, on the weekend, on a special night, or any day that we need something special, it is not unusual to take flour, olive oil, salt, and the kneading bowl.

the Italian dough project

the Italian dough project

mixing, kneading, rolling, baking (or frying)... the Italian way     Pizza Bianca {just like the one...