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traditional Italian recipes by region

Here you’ll find traditional Italian recipes by region. 

I like to travel around Italy and learn about local recipes. My favorite cuisines are from Tuscany, Sicily, Puglia, and Lazio, Rome’s region. But all Italian regions – and cities, and tiny little towns – have infinite culinary treasures waiting for me and you to discover.

Try the beef braciole from Naples, Campania, the Cacio e Pepe from Rome, the naked ravioli from Tuscany, or the porcini risotto from Northern Italy. You’ll be amazed at how Italian cooks are great at combining and working together seasonal and local ingredients!

what to eat in Siena

what to eat in Siena

In this post, I’ll share with you what to eat in Siena: local foods, typical ingredients, and the traditional dishes you can’t miss!