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Italian pizza recipes

Here you’ll find a collection of Italian pizza recipes from Italy!
Starting with the basic Italian pizza dough recipe and then exploring regional variations like the Genovese focaccia, Rome’s pizza bianca, and panzerotti from Puglia.
You’ll also find a few fancy recipes to nourish your gourmand appetites. Pizza with artichokes cream is a delicious gourmet treat for a dinner for two. Polenta pizza is a fun and delicious twist to the classic Italian pizza recipe. Nutella pizza rolls are the treat that will save any rainy weekend. And pizza dough cannoli filled with pesto and stracchino will challenge your inner chef.
I’ll add more recipes of Italian pizza as soon as I try them, so keep yourself updated by subscribing to the Italian Colors Newsletter!

artichokes pizza recipe in a cast iron skillet

artichokes pizza recipe in a cast iron skillet

Artichokes pizza recipe for gourmet pizza days. This recipe for artichoke pizza is easy and delicious. And cooked in a cast-iron skillet.This fresh artichokes pizza recipe is made with a sourdough (lievito madre) pizza crust: fairly more digestible and tastier. The...

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