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authentic italian fish recipes

Here you’ll find all my authentic Italian fish recipes.

Being a peninsula, fish is very present in Italian cuisine, hence million recipes, one better than the other.

Most fish recipes come from Southern Italy regions, but Northern lands, especially those coastal or with lakes and lagoons, keep up the good job.

This is my tiny collection of authentic and traditional Italian fish recipes.

You’ll find smoked salmon pasta, made everywhere across Italy, and fresh or canned tuna pasta – same!

You’ll also find a gorgeous Sicilian recipe for swordfish, a Christmas recipe!

And a few tad more modern and creative recipes, like Italian ceviche and shrimp burgers!

These are tasty Italian recipes to celebrate and gather friends and family around a dining table!

Italian smoked salmon pasta recipe

Italian smoked salmon pasta recipe

Italian smoked salmon pasta recipe (penne al salmone) made with penne pasta, smoked salmon, heavy cream, white wine, a hint of brandy, and fresh parsley. A delicious, festive, and traditional Italian pasta dish for Christmas Eve! 

fresh tomato tuna pasta recipe

fresh tomato tuna pasta recipe

Fresh tomato tuna pasta with cherry tomatoes, anchovies, capers, and basil. Make this tuna pasta with cherry tomatoes when you want to enjoy those fresh, sweet seasonal tomatoes.

Sicilian tuna burger recipe

Sicilian tuna burger recipe

tuna, mint, almonds, pistachios, fresh and dried tomatoes, here’s an explosion of Italian flavors: all in one charming sicilian tuna burger