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ricotta cheese recipes

ricotta cheese recipes from an Italian kitchen
Here are my ricotta cheese recipes, ricotta recipes that are delicious, delicate but tasty.
All these are recipes using ricotta cheese in ways that refer to Italian traditional cuisine and modern Italian cooking.
There are ricotta cheese dessert recipes, healthy ricotta recipes and easy ricotta recipes.
Cooking with ricotta is simple and delicious, you won’t regret buying some good quality ricotta to delight your dinner, lunch or even breakfast :-).
So here are my best ricotta cheese recipes:

the ricotta bruschetta recipe

the cannoli cake recipe

the ricotta mousse recipe

the asparagus and ricotta omelette recipe

Hope you’ll enjoy these ricotta recipe ideas and these tips and uses for ricotta cheese. If you can find it, I recommend using fresh ricotta cheese for these ricotta dishes, but, you know, it is so good, any ricotta will do the trick :-).

And if you are looking for a real ricotta pasta recipe, you just need to download the Tomato Red Issue of the Gourmet Mag!