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Authentic neapolitan recipes

Here you’ll find my Authentic Neapolitan recipes. 

My husband’s nonna is from Naples, so most of these recipes were passed to me.  

Neapolitan cuisine is rich in tomato sauce, pasta, cheap meat cuts, and fish. Vegetables always have a place of honor on the table. Alone or integrated into the main dishes.

Try the beef braciole or the oniony Genovese pasta to experience slow cooking – and living – on a lazy Sunday, the Struffoli honey balls for Christmas, and the puttanesca pasta for an easy and fast everyday treat.

authentic Italian meatball recipe

authentic Italian meatball recipe

The authentic Italian meatballs recipe works ground beef, breadcrumbs, parmesan, and egg into delicious, crusty outside and tender inside, bites of delight.

genovese sauce

genovese sauce

all the phases of a well-done genovese sauce, including a secret ingredient