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Here are all my gourmet Italian recipes: fancy dishes for special dinners with friends or family. In my opinion, you should cook one of these Italian recipes also when you need to lift your spirits or cuddle yourself. Food, when made with love and good ingredients, is soul healing.

Try making a Nutella crostata on a rainy Sunday or a cannoli cake to impress the friends you welcome to a Sicilian dinner party. Enrich a weekend brunch with a ricotta and asparagus omelet and celebrate Christmas with zabaglione cream and cookies! Make Spritz caramel apples for Halloween and an Italian sausage and Pandoro stuffing for Thanksgiving. 

These are gourmet Italian recipes to celebrate, gather, and enjoy the pleasures of Italian ingredients turned into divine plates with just a little more effort.

how to make a cheese board

how to make a cheese board

How to make an Italian cheese board: 7 steps to a perfect Italian cheese board.There are seven fundamental steps to make an Italian cheese board. From choosing three (or more) different kinds of cheese to the accompaniments, from the fruits, to the bread.   how...