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Tuscan recipes

Welcome to my authentic Tuscan recipes section!

Here you will find the recipe for the Tuscan chicken pasta (that is out of this world, believe me!), the Tuscan soup recipe with kale, recipes for black kale alone, and a sweet bread recipe for Easter.

There’s also a delicious, summery, Tuscan salad recipe, “panzanella”, made with stale bread. It’s one of my favorite easy-lunch options!

And of course the Tuscan beans recipe, “fagioli all’uccelletto”, cause Tuscans eat a lot of beans, alone, in soups, or as a side dish to their famous “fiorentina” steaks.

Enjoy all my Tuscan food recipes and let me know if there are more you want to explore!

kale bruschetta from Tuscany

kale bruschetta from Tuscany

Sautéed black kale bruschetta with olive oil and red chili. Make the bruschetta with kale when you have a delicious loaf of crusty Italian bread.

chicken pasta tomato sauce

chicken pasta tomato sauce

authentic tuscan chicken tomato sauce recipe, from one of the best restaurants in Val D’Orcia (or in the entire world?)

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