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Italian appetizer recipes

Here’s my collection of Italian appetizer recipes, perfect for parties, everyday meals, romantic dinners, or family gatherings.

Most of these appetizer recipes are very easy to make, some are vegetarian, and almost all of them are from scratch.

Enjoy a tomato bruschetta before a bbq, spread a delicious eggplant cream on a plain one, or devour a fig wrapped in prosciutto

Remember to follow produce seasonality when making Italian appetizers: it’s one of the crucial Italian food’s secret.

how to make a cheese board

how to make a cheese board

How to make an Italian cheese board: 7 steps to a perfect Italian cheese board.There are seven fundamental steps to make an Italian cheese board. From choosing three (or more) different kinds of cheese to the accompaniments, from the fruits, to the bread.   how...

kale bruschetta from Tuscany

kale bruschetta from Tuscany

Sautéed black kale bruschetta with olive oil and red chili. Make the bruschetta with kale when you have a delicious loaf of crusty Italian bread.