italian vegetable recipes

There are a few other countries where I’ve seen vegetables made taste so good.

Italy is the place where vegetables are, very often, the leading characters of the kitchen and the table.

Herbs and spices matched perfectly, incredibly delicious cooking techniques, extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar… everything is used to enhance the unique flavor of the vegetable you are cooking.

Juicy is the word that best describes most of the Italian vegetable recipes.

Paradise on earth for vegetarians :-).

I’m collecting all the best recipes from every single region of this wonderful peninsula in my blog. Follow me and let yourself enter this tasty world made of green leaves, red tomatoes and crunchy crucifers.

You’ll find yourself wanting only vegetables for dinner. Really, it happened you me, it may happen to you, sooner than you think.

Put on the apron, it’s time to cook Italian vegetables! And eat them, of course.