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healthy pasta recipes

Healthy pasta recipes from an Italian kitchen.

Healthy pasta recipes are a lot here in Italy, because Italians very often season pasta with vegetables and always with fresh ingredients, spices and herbs.

For example:

All these recipes have in common the use of good quality extra-virgin olive oil, vegetables in season, nuts and fast cooking times, this to avoid loosing precious nutrients.

Be sure you use a good pasta brand as well, made in Italy and from durum wheat or semolina wheat. And be sure you are cooking it the appropriate way.

Here’s a post on how to cook pasta: you’ll find precious indications on pasta types and shapes, salt to use and cooking times.

Italian eggplant pasta sauce recipe

Italian eggplant pasta sauce recipe

In this post, you’ll find an easy but delightful Italian eggplant pasta sauce recipe. Make it if you want a dish packed with Italian flavors.

kale pesto recipe

kale pesto recipe

Kale pesto with crunchy almonds, sweet raisins and fancy dried tomatoes.