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Italian cookbook series

Welcome to SIMPOSIO, an Italian cookbook series of experiential guides to the peninsula. A Cookbook and a travel book, plus culture notes, recipes and beautiful pictures will lead you through the endless heritage of Italy.

Simposio is available both in print and digital on Amazon.
Besides food and travel, SIMPOSIO covers culture, traditions, and stories, to give you an Italian full immersion experience.
These books will allow you to visit and enjoy Italy like never before.
Sit on your sofa, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy a travelogue about everything Italy narrated by a local.
The author, photographer, and publisher is Claudia Rinaldi, an Italian food blogger who lives in Rome and travels the peninsula in search of authentic recipes, old-world stories, and inspiration.

The Yellow Simposio: Italian Winter recipes

The Yellow Simposio: Italian Winter recipes

This Simposio is a winter Italian cookbook. We will explore winter on the peninsula through the most delicious Italian Winter recipes. For you, from Italy: winter comfort food, seasonal traditions, places in Rome, and cultural insights. ITALIAN WINTER RECIPES: COMFORT...