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Italian Christmas recipes

Here are all my Italian Christmas recipes: delicious dishes for the Christmas Eve dinner, the Christmas lunch, and all the special meals of the season.

Start with some traditional Christmas recipes like the Sicilian swordfish for the Christmas Eve fish dinner and the chicken tomato pasta for the next day lunch; the Italian Russian salad is a perfect side dish for every occasion.

End the day with honey covered struffoli or an Italian hot chocolate to sip while watching a movie.

On the modern side, try the olive oil pie crust recipe for savory and sweet pies, delight yourself and your loved ones with Pandoro french toasts, and use the leftovers to make the out-of-this-world Italian sausage and Pandoro stuffing.

These are Italian Christmas recipes to celebrate, gather, and enjoy the pleasures of togetherness!

how to make a cheese board

how to make a cheese board

How to make an Italian cheese board: 7 steps to a perfect Italian cheese board. Learn how to make a Christmas cheese board with Italian specialties.There are seven fundamental steps to make an Italian cheese board. From choosing three (or more) different kinds of...

kale bruschetta from Tuscany

kale bruschetta from Tuscany

Sautéed black kale bruschetta with olive oil and red chili. Make the bruschetta with kale when you have a delicious loaf of crusty Italian bread.

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